St Augustine, Tonge Moor

Parish Groups

Choir – 10.30am Mass, 6.30 Evensong, and celebration of Solemnities.
Sunday School
Walsingham Cell
Wednesday Morning Coffee Shop
Sanctuary Servers
Lay Pastoral Visiting Team
Readers of the Word

The information on our website is under constant review . However, if your group is not represented on the site, or you would like your group's information updating, please contact the webmaster and we will remedy the situation.

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Our Brownie Group (27th Bolton)

The Choir of St Augustine's church

Coffee Morning
Wednesday Morning Coffee Shop

Readers of the Word and Intercessors

Litter Picking
Litter is a perennial problem. Join us as we seek to make our parish a cleaner place.
Open 'Litter Picking'

Mothers' Union
The parish branch of the Mothers' Union

Servers of the Sanctuary

Sunday School
Our Parish Sunday School

Pastoral Visiting Team

Walsingham Cell
The Cell of St Nicholas