St Augustine, Tonge Moor


"The Church" is not just the clergy, but every baptised member. We all share reponsibility for the building-up of the kingdom and the nurturing of souls. Within this context we have developed a Visiting Team of lay members of the congregation who visit the housebound or those who are temproarily unable to get to church for whatever reason.

When any Christian visits another person, it is "the Church" which is visiting, and the Visiting Team is able to do this in a more explicit way. Each visit is by invitation (the Lay Visitors will not cold-call), and the Visitor will call as often and as frequently as they are asked to: it may simply be for a single visit. Very often, strong friendships are formed between Visitors and their hosts.

If you would like to be visited, or would like to talk about if further, please contact the Vicar on (01204) 523899. Similarly, if you know of someone who might appreciate a visit, contact the Vicar on the same number.


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