St Augustine Tonge Moor


Worship is at the centre of every Christian community, and while the parish priest or other officiant is usally the most visible, there are are many others who help with the dignity and smooth-running of the lirutgy.

An important group of these are the Servers of the Sanctuary, who are so effective they often go unnoticed (but never un-appreciated). Under the watchful eye of Howard Anderson, the Head Server, our various teams of servers usually comprise:

  • Accolytes (who carry the candles which signify the honour given to the Gospel of the Lord, and the great Eucharistic Prayer, for example);
  • Crucifer, who carries the processional cross, reminding us who is the focus of our worship;
  • Thurifer, who carries the censer containing the incense signifying the divinity of Jesus; and the
  • Boat Boy/Girl, who assists the Thurifer by carrying the "boat" containing the incese grains.

Over each team is

  • the MC, or Master Ceremonies, who ensures that the team runs smoothly and deals with any unexpected emergencies (never noticed any? - it shows how good our MCs are!).

If you would like to help our worship by being a server, please speak to Howard Anderson.


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