St Augustine, Tonge Moor

Worship during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Live-streamed masses on YouTube
Texts for Mass
Morning Prayer for today
Evening Prayer for today
Saying the Rosary, and making your own rosary.
Mothers' Union Prayer

With the closure of church for public worship, we have had to find altarnative ways of coming together as God's family to offer him worship through Jesus, his Son.

Modern technology has made this possible, notably YouTube and Facebook.

All our masses are streamed live on YouTube, which enables all those with access to the internet to share in them, both our parishioners and those from further afield, whether members of the Christian Church or not - all are welcome.

Our live-streamed masses can be found on YouTube. There is a link to some useful texts at the top of this page. Subscribe to our Channel to be informed when a live stream is taking place. When celebrated, Evening Prayer & Benediction, and the recitation of the Rosary, will also be live-streamed on YouTube.

Spiritual Communion
Sadly, it is not possible receive Holy Communion while churches are closed for public worship. However, the Church has long-recognised that there are times when this will not be possible (notably, "in times of pestilence") and has made provision for the faithful to make a Spiritual Communion. Appropriate words, for use when taking a full part in a streamed live mass, are included in the Texts for Mass (see above).

Daily Offices
The Daily Offices of Morning and Evening Prayer can help give shape to the day, especially during a time of lockdown.

"Morning and Evening Prayer", published by Collins and from which these Offices are derived, is on sale on Amazon, currently at the greatly reduced price of £20.99. The fuller 3-volume "Divine Office", which also includes the Office of Readings for every day of the year, is also on Amazon, and is also currently available at a reduced price.

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